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We all hate stretch marks as we feel ugly with them and have been searching for a product to help us reduce or remove them. There are many reasons for having these stretch marks with the main two being caused by pregnancy or extreme weight loss. For this purpose I have been researching and have found that Mederma has had excellent results thus I will be writing a mederma stretch marks review.

The Pros of using Mederma Stretch Marks Products

Mederma has a cream formula that keeps the moisture within the skin and so can be used to help prevent excessive stretch marks during pregnancy. Mederma helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Using it at the six months stage of your pregnancy is ideal and you will be pleased with the results.


If you are going through a health and lifestyle change and know you are on track to be losing extreme weight, using the cream for stretchmarks from Mederma will allow your skin to remain healthy and lessen the chances of numerous stretch marks.

The Cons of using The stretch mark cream by Mederma

Whilst there are actually no specific cons, I will list the ingredients for you to check if you have any allergies that may affect you.

This stretchmark cream is nourishing for the skin and consists of a distinct match of active ingredients:

– Cepalin ®, an exclusive botanical extract

– Hyaluronic acid

– A plant extract called Centella asiatica

Being mainly natural ingredients Mederma Stretch Marks creams have a good record of success.

How To Apply

It is best to apply the stretchmark cream liberally by applying in a circular motion across affected areas or parts of your body you are trying to prevent having stretch marks. Do this twice a day to get the best results.

It is important to note that results are not instantaneous. You will start to notice an improvement in a month with good results being shown after three months.


Skin Health

I have read other reviews that have declared that the women using Mederma have said they were thrilled with the improvement to their skin.


The price for this product is quite inexpensive for the results you can obtain. It is available online at Amazon. The purple and white tube holds 5.29 ounces (150gm) with a cost of $34.94

Knowing that you can now get of remove stretch marks or greatly reduced, is in itself a huge boost to your self esteem. This is a product that once tried and proven, you will be wanting to tell your friends about.